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We are a property management firm that develops and owns commercial and residential real estate across a number of cities and towns in New Zealand.

Since the purchase of our first residential property by founder Dion Cusack in 2005, in Kawerau, Bay of Plenty we have grown to now owning and directly managing a diverse portfolio of commercial and residential real estate across New Zealand.

Successful real estate investment strategies have enabled us to grow year on year to hold a broad portfolio of real estate. As our portfolio has grown we have invested in property management infrastructure, developing our expertise into new areas of ownership and service.

Building on our experience, we are well placed to support your property investment goals and add value while creating safer, healthier happier homes for all our customers.

Our satisfied clients say 

"I do not regret hiring Cusack Partners as my property manager and I would recommend you to anyone looking to hire expert property managers. I have been very pleased with the way in which property inspections have been carried out. They have been both regular and thorough, and any issues have been brought to my attention. I have also had regular rent reviews and my rent amount has gone up according to the way the property market has been going. I have had a really stress free time in dealing with your property management, and have always received payments on time. Whenever I have had to deal with the property manager, I have had a response either by email or text message very promptly."

Tiffany Rich, Hamilton

I have the utmost confidence in Jenni Martin as my property manager. She is diligent in keeping an eye on my property and managing the tenants. She has the resources to get things done around the property when repairs are required.

Richard Leong, Australia